Buy your dream apartment in Canggu to live in or as an investment up to 15% ROI from

$143 000

Real estate rental provides a stable passive income. We invite investors!


Project in the finishing stage

Modern apart-hotel construction in Canggu, the most promising location on the Bali island. In August 2024, 19 apartments in the hotel will be ready to receive guests. Investors who will take part in the project will be able to receive $2,500–4,000 per month from tenants for each apartment.

Modern apartment

Area: 32–50м2

Bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom,
furniture, household appliances, TV
set, dishes, and linens.
Ready to move in.

Payback calculation

Investment fee:

$143 000

Revenue per month:

$3 240

Revenue per year:

$38 880

Payback period:

~ 5 years

With $120 rent per day and 90% occupancy.

Modern, secure, and stylish accommodation

Red Zone

Which allows you to legally receive income from short-term rentals


Restaurants, clubs, beaches, and sports complexes within walking distance


Experienced developer and hotelier at the project head


Maximum tenure: 30+25 years

Canggu - location number 1 in Bali

Complete with apartments

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Equipped area
for a comfortable life

Milu by Nook Cafe: 250 m

Genesis Creative Center: 450 m

Atlas beach fest: 500 m

Berawa beach: 700 m

Finns Recreation Club: 630 м

Investment plan


You sign an agreement with Real Estate Bali Papa and make a down payment—50% of your property price

Construction progress

You watch the construction progress through a video camera and pay the rest of the contract price in seven equal installments during the construction period


In August 2024, you receive the keys to your apartment

Past projects of our team members

Property management

To receive a stable passive income from investments, you can conclude an agreement with a management company. The company will take care of the apartment occupancy, maintain order in the hotel, settle and serve tourists. The investor will be able to receive income up to 15%  without even coming to Bali.

Payback scenarios

About company

The Real Estate Bali Papa is Sergey Sulimov's company

Businessman from Eastern Europe (Belarus Republic) who moved to Bali with his family in 2020. The company was built on his experience of 15 years  in the construction and hotel business in his homeland and his expert knowledge in economics, business administration, and digital commerce (the owner graduated from three master’s programs in US and UK universities).
In its activities, the Real Estate Bali Papa insists on transactions with complete legal correctness, protects each investor’s interests, and seeks to provide the maximum return on investment.

Only 19 apartments for an active and comfortable life

On each of the four floors, there are five different sizes of apartments, which are transferred to investors completely ready for living. All rooms are air conditioned and protected from bad weather. On the ground floor, there is a coworking area and a reception area. The aviation theme is maintained in all apartment designs, attracting travel and air sports enthusiasts.

Ground floor plan
Second and subsequent floors

Available for booking

How do you get the rights to the apartments?

All documents can be processed both with your personal presence and remotely!
Contract for the provision of construction services with Real Estate Bali Papa
Staged payment during the construction process
Construction until August 2024 with the ability to observe the process in real time
Land lease agreement between Real Estate Bali Papa and the investor for 30 years with a guaranteed extension for another 25
Construction works with guaranteed acceptance under the act
An agreement conclusion with the management company for the apartments short-term rental organization

Frequently Asked Questions

The “red” zone in Bali is intended for tourists and tourism business; the “yellow” serves residents. That is, in the “red,” the owner can rent out housing for short-term rent completely legally. Villas in the “yellow” zone are intended only for long-term rentals, in which the cost of living is much lower. Yes, the owners of some of these villas accept tourists for a day, but this is a very risky activity that can be stopped by the authorities at any time.

Firstly, this rate also includes utility bills, which in Bali the real estate rental price cost 8% an average (offers with low rates usually involve additional utility bills).
Secondly, we offer a realistic rate that will allow us to hire qualified staff and work effectively to attract tourists. It is common for companies that have experience in the hotel business and really provide rental housing high occupancy.

Yes, we offer different options for using the apartments: for own residence, for passive income only and mixed, in which the apartments remain in the owner for 2-4 weeks use, and the time rest they are intended for rent.


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Do you want to think things through?

We will send you a presentation with additional data about the project, location and possible income by email

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