How to buy apartments in Bali with the best ROI

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The island attracts people from all over the world with its beauty, exoticism, unique atmosphere, its beaches, luxury villas and variety of entertainment. But what if you could have your own real estate in this paradisiacal place?

If you are interested in buying apartments in Bali with the best ROI, there are some important factors to consider. In this article, we’ll explain the difference between apartments and other types of accommodation and look at where the highest ROI apartments are by neighborhood in Bali.

Bali real estate market situation now

The real estate market situation in Bali in 2023 continues to be very favorable for investors. After the lifting of quarantine restrictions in May 2022, millions of tourists from all over the world started visiting Bali again, which created a high demand for renting and buying apartments.

Also played a significant role in the rapidly increasing popularity of remote work, which allows a person to work from literally anywhere in the world. And Bali has become one of the most attractive places for expats from different countries thanks to its wonderful climate, ocean, friendly local population, developed infrastructure, the possibility of interesting and active recreation – surfing, yoga, a huge number of restaurants.

Naturally, this led to a shortage of offers on the Balinese real estate market and the price of housing began to skyrocket. Now the prices for daily rentals of different types have such indicators:

  • Guesthouses from 10$;
  • 3-star hotels from $30;
  • townhouses from $90;
  • apartments from $120;
  • villas from $180.

Advantage of apartments in Bali

One of the main advantages of apartments in Bali is affordability. Compared to villas, apartments have a lower cost of buying or renting. Another important factor in the Bali real estate market is the increasing demand for apartments with good infrastructure and amenities. Tourists and buyers increasingly prefer apartments with swimming pool, fitness center, restaurants, children and work areas and other amenities. Therefore, when choosing a real estate investment in Bali, it is worthwhile to focus on properties with good infrastructure to attract more tenants and increase returns.

Where is the highest ROI in Bali

Obviously, the highest ROI (or return on investment) will be in those areas that have the highest flow of tourists. But here it is important to understand that if the area is not fully developed, then in the future, due to the emergence of new housing with the same number of visitors to Bali, due to greater competition, the cost of rent is likely to fall and new landlords will have to dumping (that is, artificially low prices for housing) to attract as many tourists as possible. So think a few times before choosing an area with a lot of land to develop.

One of such places, where the tourist flow is quite large and land for new housing is not so much is the Changgu district. There is everything for comfortable life and recreation: cafes, restaurants, cultural spaces and interesting events, a unique sports and recreation center Canggu Club, surfspots, picturesque beaches and much more.

Canggu has become a real brand in recent years and almost everyone who comes to Bali tries to stay here at least for a day to feel its atmosphere. At the same time the land for the construction of new apartment complexes remains about 5% of the total area of the district. Another good news for those who are thinking about buying real estate in Bali: there are practically no hotels in Changgu, because from the very beginning it began to develop at the expense of individual development.

If you want to get a luxury apartment, in walking distance from which is the ocean coast, bowling alley, water park, stables, tennis courts, yoga studios, co-workers, pastry shops, beauty salons, supermarkets, in general, everything you need for a happy life of a modern man, the best option for you will be apart-hotel “AVIATOR”, located in the red zone, which is best suited for tourism business in Bali. Buying real estate here, investors will be able to receive an annual income of 10-20% of the amount of initial investment, thus reaching full payback in 5-10 years. In addition to the apartments themselves, fully ready for living, you will get:

  • a well on the property;
  • swimming pool in the yard;
  • annual insurance with the possibility of extension;
  • warranty on building structures for 5 years, on furniture and fittings – 1 year;
  • management company services (under a separate contract).

Overall, buying an apartment in the AVIATOR Aparthotel in the Changgu area of Bali offers a number of advantages such as a convenient location, high level of service, the opportunity to receive a stable passive income and a stylish design that attracts travel and aviation enthusiasts.

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