Bali: the best areas to live and invest in 2023

Bali is an island in Indonesia that attracts many tourists from all over the world with its beauty and unique atmosphere. Here you can not only have a fun vacation with friends, but also live together with your family without fearing for your safety. That is why Bali is one of the most successful investment destinations. In this article, we take a look at a few of the best areas of the island to buy real estate in 2023.


This area is famous for its beautiful beaches, restaurants, shopping and nightlife. Despite its high prices, Changgu attracts tourists and locals alike with its energetic and vibrant atmosphere. Here you will find plenty of opportunities for recreation, entertainment and sports.

In addition, Changu is also a popular destination for real estate investment. There is a wide range of villas, apartments and houses that can become your unique vacation spot or a source of stable passive income. Importantly, almost the entire area is already built up, so rental prices will only increase with the ever-increasing flow of tourists.


This area is located in rural Bali and is famous for its rice terraces, temples and tranquil atmosphere. Ubud attracts people who seek solitude and harmony with nature. Here you will find plenty of opportunities for yoga, meditation and spa treatments.

Ubud is also considered to be the most Russian-speaking area of the island, as it has the largest concentration of re-locations from Belarus, Russia and other Russian-speaking countries, so you will definitely not be left without communication.


Another suitable area in Bali for investment is Seminyak. This area is also located on the coast and attracts tourists with its luxury villas, high-end restaurants and trendy boutiques.

Seminyak can be called the center of Bali’s nightlife because while other areas are quiet by 10pm, this is where it all begins. The Potato Head and Ku De Ta beach clubs and the legendary Cafe Bali restaurant are just a few of the highlights. This area is also great for those who don’t plan to travel far beyond its borders and are not “friendly” with a bike: you can move around on foot.


Kuta is the first tourist area in Bali, which was originally bustling and not at all like the Bali we are used to. Now it’s a concentration of cheap hotels, hostels and guesthouses, making it a prime destination for those who are used to buying pre-packaged tours. Kuta has many bars with live music, creating a lively atmosphere similar to popular areas of Phuket. The beaches in Kuta are ideal for surfing, but not always suitable for swimming due to strong waves. All in all, it’s cheap, fun and friendly.


Bukit is a peninsula in the southern part of the island and is home to beautiful white-sand beaches. The atmosphere on Bukit is more relaxed, the population density is lower and the infrastructure is not as developed as other places in Bali. Bukit also includes three interesting areas for investment – Jimbaran, Uluwatu and Nusa Dua.


There are small guesthouses as well as quite luxurious hotels. There are many stores in this part of the peninsula, where you can buy anything inexpensively, and the main industry from which the locals earn money is fishing. In general, the area is unlikely to be suitable for those who like noisy parties active sports and recreation.


Uluwatu is located on the southern part of the island and is famous for its beautiful beaches and excellent surfing opportunities. This area attracts young and active people who seek adventure and love extreme sports. Here you will find many cozy cafes and restaurants overlooking the ocean, where you can enjoy delicious food and atmosphere.

Nusa Dua

This is Bali’s true VIP zone, where the largest concentration of 5-star hotels is located. Another advantage of Nusa Dua is its favorable business environment. The area has modern convention centers and exhibition venues, making it attractive for business events and conferences.

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